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A Night At Electropolis

Americana singer-songwriter Adam Reichmann returns with a 6 song EP of acoustic tunes, accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Andy Ploof. This small, but highly anticipated collection reflects some of the work he’s been doing in the years since he last released material with alt-country outfit Nadine.

Recorded live in a single evening at Electropolis, the EP features Reichmann and Ploof’s unadorned guitar interplay and sweet harmonies. St. Louis producer Tim Gebauer captured the immediacy of the late-night session with a stripped-down recording set-up. The resulting songs sound warm, intimate, and anxious to step foot into the night — perfect for Reichmann’s moody, insistent lyrics.

Available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes — or purchase a hard copy through CDBaby.



"Cold Murmurs" Saint Louis 2019
"Gotta Make Do" Stuttgart 2018
"Twilight" Saint Louis 2009


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Photo By: Timothy Gebauer

"Downtown, Saturday makes you want to pack it in, buy a pickup and take it down to L.A."

-  Mojo

"Careworn vocals and Jackson Browne-style short story-ish lyrics."

-  Music365

Adam Reichmann is a Saint Louis singer-songwriter and 20-year veteran of the Americana scene whose “honest self-disclosures, attached to wistful melodies, take up residence inside your bones.” (Riverfront Times) In the late 90s and early 00s, he fronted the band Nadine, a pioneering alt-country outfit that released four albums — most notably the critically acclaimed Downtown, Saturday.

While Reichmann's work with Nadine paired his dark poetry with catch-y hooks, his recent acoustic compositions lean towards indie folk. Today, Reichmann performs solo and with accompanist Andy Ploof (The Wilhelms, Rough Shop, One Fell Swoop). Reichmann’s soft, quavering voice has drawn comparisons to Neil Young and he cites influences from the Jay Ferrar and Phoebe Bridgers to Dan Bern and Townes Van Zandt. His latest recording, A Night At Electropolis, was released in the Fall of 2018 in conjunction The Heartland Songwriter's Revue — a German tour of midwestern songwriters.



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